Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yet another Scam

The News:

U.S. charges Stanford with massive Ponzi scheme

U.S. securities regulators on Friday accused Texas billionaire Allen Stanford, his college roommate and three of their companies of carrying out a "massive Ponzi scheme" over at least a decade and misappropriating at least $1.6 billion of investors' money.

My View:
As I've once already expressed my explanation on why these SCAMS are getting exposed one after the other, its simple - its a result of bad economic times. The fact is in times of perpetual fake prosperity there were these brilliant brains working overtime to figure out new and newer ideas with which they could cheat people. Now when time is not that good (remember, the real bad time is still to come) these scams are getting exposed one by one.

The biggest ponzi scheme will be exposed not now. It will be a surprise to masses but not for sane people (I don't mean masses are insane, they are credulous though). This scam is under progress and its being done on war scale !!! Yes dear readers, this scam is govt sponsored crisis postponement plan.

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