Friday, November 14, 2008

Taslima "Forced" to Leave India

The News:

Fri, Nov 14 03:46 PM

Exiled Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen has again been "forced" to leave India after her brief stay India, prompting the controversial writer to question the country's alleged secular credentials.

The writer, who returned to India on August 8, said she had to leave on October 15 following the government's dictum. "Yes, I was forced to leave India once again... The government gave me resident permit for 6 months with a secret condition that I must leave the country in a few days," she said in an e-mail interview.

The ex-physician-turned-feminist author, who is under attack from Muslim fundamentalists for her book 'Lajja', said she is now somewhere in Europe, delivering lectures.

My View:

I am really surprised why a person of the stature of Taslima Nasreen desired to live in India in the first place! The kind of job she does (calling a spade a spade) is not favourable in Indian life and moreover, the freedom in India is the "right of powerful people to disrupt that of others". Is she so unaware of even how people of one region (e.g. Maharashtra) hate and beat people of other regions (e.g. Bihar).

Is she unaware of how one can't travel at will (anyone can call a "chakkajam", stopping traffic), can't sleep at will (so much noise pollution day and night by so many things), can't get through bearocracy for smallest things (try getting a driver's licence without agents) etc etc.

She has the luxury of living in any free society like Western Europe or US and if she still wishes to live in India or bangladesh, then there must be something wrong with her.

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