Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Was Obama Chosen as a Conspiracy?

November 4, 2008 recorded in history as US has first black president.

My View:
Well, actually this is not my original view. In fact one friend of mine - Abhijit, suggested this thing. Doesn't it sound like a conspiracy? CONSPIRACY? what for?

Read the events like this:-

  • Republicans had their president rule for 8 years and the Bush 43 leaves office leaving behind total mess.
  • An African American is chosen by Democrats over an ex-First Lady, considering she was supposed to be their frontline candidate just few months back. The guy became popular suddenly and they presented him as "messiah".
  • Republicans chose their weakest candidate - McCain for president.
  • The weakest candidate chose Palin !!! for vice-president !!! How come?!!! Palin ? can you believe it?
  • Palin amused voters with her language skills and her expenses on dresses etc. (!!!)
Whatever you can think of it, but, I am convinced this all is a deliberate conspiracy. They want a black guy as president of the US of A once, at a time when economy is on the verge of collapse. Do they want to convey some message? may be.

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